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Churches, faith groups across nation plan 'preach-in' on global warming

Events that ended with the suffix "-in" were a staple of the late 1960s and early '70s. But organizers think the time is right for a "preach-in" on the effects of climate change and global warming.

Interfaith Power & Light, which is sponsoring the nationwide event Feb. 9-10, has already lined up one Catholic parish and one convent as early signers-on to the preach-in.

Keep shoes and purses out of the landfill: donate them


Julie Scaglione, a resident of the St. Louis area, is intent on keeping shoes and handbags out of the landfill. Instead, she wants people to donate these items to her nonprofit organization, Gateway2Give. Scaglione sells the items to exporters for developing world resale. A portion of the money from the sales is turned into grants for water projects across the planet working to provide access to clean water.

Here is the news release, as sent by email. For more information about Scaglione's organization, go to

Environmentalist's death inspires look at green stories worldwide


Becky Tarbotton, a bright young light in the international environmental movement, is with us no more. Tarbotton, 39, executive director of the Rainforest Action Network in San Francisco since 2010, died Dec. 26. On vacation with her husband and close friends outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, she was caught in the surf. A medical team was unable to revive her.

Two new books tell story of Hildegard of Bingen, fourth woman doctor of the church


Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th-century German mystic and ecologist, didn't have the Hubble Space Telescope or quantum physics at her disposal. She didn't need them. From a young age, Hildegard experienced visions. One of them gifted her with essential information about the beginning of the universe 13.7 billion years ago, when it flared forth from a minuscule speck of energy into a vast fireball.

As Doha climate talks enter extra time, global leaders lack “ambition, leadership”


On the final scheduled day of international climate negotiations, the reports out of Doha, Qatar, signaled little progress in advancing action on climate change beyond vague pledges and toward the tangible, in the form of concrete strategies and commitments.

According to Reuters, hold-ups at the United Nations Conference to the Parties 13 (COP 13) include:

Tax and robber baron economics


The Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace met in early December at a plenary session in Rome. There, it issued a statement with the modest title: “A Note on Financial Reform.”

That modest title masks a dramatic analysis of the global financial system. Elementary goods like food, the statement asserts, are lacking to millions in the developed world and to billions in the developing world.


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