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Welcome to NCR’s new Eco Catholic blog, devoted to ecology, justice and eco-Catholic spirituality.

The blog is an ongoing exploration of the Green Catholic imagination and how it is being lived out and practiced in many different settings.

The blog’s logo contains the leaf from a sycamore tree, reflecting the significance of a common tree that is renowned for its ability to absorb pollution, as well as its important place in the New Testament story as a perch for Zaccheus, who sheltered Jesus and offered to give half his possessions to the poor.

Eco Catholic is a resource and bulletin board for timely information and updates on all things Catholic and ecological — featuring news, analyses, reflections, meditations, prayers, features, book reviews, photos, heads-ups and other information on such topics as green parishes around the country, diocesan efforts to promote Earth-friendly practices, eco-theology, green Catholic spirituality, and many other aspects of the effort to advance sustainable practices and new thinking that honors the rich web of interconnection on our planet.

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I welcome contributions to the blog content on the above-mentioned topics. Send them to

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