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Dry Bones II


Our bones are dry,
Our hope has gone;
We are done for

        -- Ezekiel 37:11

I believe that "dry bones" feelings happen in most people's lives at one time or another. It's part of our human condition.

At times in our deadness of spirit, a truth may be trying to break through for us. We need to stay with the experience and not run from it. The dry bones feeling may be our inner self's way of calling us to greater wholeness. It may be saying to us: "Look. Pay attention. See what you have ignored for so long. Stop running away from this reality that blocks your growth. If you want to have greater freedom you must claim this part of yourself."

Prayer action suggestion:

Reflect on your dry bones times. When do these occur? Is there any pattern? What happens at these times? How do you feel? Then, on sheet of blank paper, draw your pile of dry bones. Around and through the bones write what is needed to bring them together, to renew their life (actions, attitudes …).

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This meditation is reprinted from Joyce Rupp's book May I Have This Dance?

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