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+Kurtz Doesn't Take the Bait


The National Catholic Register has published an interview by Edward Pentin with Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, President of the USCCB and a synod father. I am glad they printed the questions, not just +Kurtz's answers. The questions are all edgy, trying to bait the archbishop into providing fodder for divisiveness. To his great credit, +Kurtz does not take the bait and provides nuanced responses. Good for him. 

Archbishop Chaput's Remarkable Challenge to Pope Francis


Archbishop Charles Chaput aligned himself with Cardinal Raymond Burke on Monday night as a severe critic of the Synod on the Family. According to this news reports from David Gibson at RNS, +Chaput was asked about the synod at a First Things symposium, and replied: “I was very disturbed by what happened” at the synod.

The Synod: What Does It Mean? Part II


The Synod left many people with a bad taste in their mouths. I am not one of those. As noted yesterday, I think the synod brought some of the messiness of human life into the councils of the hierarchy in a way that was actively discouraged for the past thirty years or so, and Pope Francis seems intent on demanding that the Church remember that everything we do and teach is at the service of preaching the Gospel. The pope wants all of us, including the bishops, to listen not just to each other but to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

+Wilton Meets with Parents with LGBT Children


In this column, Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta discusses a recent meeting with Catholics parents of LGBT children in his archdiocese. Nowhere does Abp Gregory retract an iota of Church teaching. But, nowhere does he show himself out to prove a point, or "stand up against" the culture, or turn these people's lives into a talking point. I do not have a vote at the USCCB meetings, but I would vote for +Wilton to be a delegate to next year's synod if I did. (h/t to Rocco.)

Dionne on Dems & White, Working Class Voters


In this morning's Washington Post, E.J. Dionne notes that Michelle Nunn has closed the gap in her Senate bid against businessman David Perdue in Georgia by focusing on his championing outsourcing while still a practicing capitalist. Surprise, surprise that Democrats do better when they focus on issues people actually care about. I wish Dionne had compared Nunn's ascendency with the collapse of Sen.


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