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More GOP Congressmen Back Immigration Reform


Drip, by drip, the Sanity Caucus in the House GOP is coming round to the need to pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. This month, the happily named Cong. Daniel Webster from Florida joined the push and now Illinois Cong. Aaron Schock, heretofore known mostly for his abs, has jumped on board. Welcome to them both. A few more and we will have enough for a discharge petition.

Pope Francis & Encounter


An emerging, dominant theme of this pontificate is the word “encounter.” Pope Francis uses it repeatedly, urging Catholics to go out to the peripheries, especially to the poor and the marginalized, and encounter other persons.


Among other things, this emphasis on encounter shows the new pope’s deep indebtedness to Don Luigi Giussani, the founder of Communione e Liberazione. Encounter is a central theme of his writings and a central charism of the movement he started.

Sochi 2014: The Conundrum of Politics & Sports


This week, gay rights activists have been making the rounds of the cable news shows, urging that the Winter Olympics scheduled for Sochi, Russia next year be changed to a different venue or that the West launch a boycott of the Games. The activists are upset about anti-gay laws recently enacted by President Vladimir Putin and his rubber stamp Duma.


Can Dems Flip Georgia?


Nate Cohn, at the New Republic, thinks Michelle Nunn may be the Democrats best chance to flip a Senate seat next November, in part because of demographics and in part because her Dad was the kind of Democrat who could win in Georgia. Mostly, however, the reason is that the GOP is likely to nominate the kind of off-the-charts crazy right wing candidate that cost the GOP potential pickups in Nevada, Colorado, Delaware and Alaska already.

Egypt's Descent Into Civil War


“The rule of reason had quit Egypt.” That powerful sentence in an essay in the Wall Street Journal by scholar Fouad Ajami embodies the difficulty we all face, including the Obama administration, in trying to figure out a way forward for an Egypt now engulfed in violence. When secular liberals in Egypt discern an American plot in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power, you know that reason has indeed left the field. And, where there is no reason, there can be no check on power.



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