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Obama To Meet Francis


Both the Holy See and the White House confirmed that President Barack Obama will be visiting Pope Francis on March 27. I think it is a safe bet that some of our friends on the right will need to take lots and lots of aspirin to keep their heads from exploding. You just know that is one day when it will be sorta fun to listen to Rush Limbaugh!

Happy MLK Day!


I had said on Friday I would conclude my review of "Tea Party Catholic" today, but that seems a bizarre way to mark this holiday, celebrating the life and legacy of a man who could well be described as the antithesis of the Tea Party. How much better to celebrate today by listening to the Morehouse College Glee Club sing the great hymn, "Lift Every Voice and Sing":


Review: "Tea Party Catholic" - Part II


Yesterday, I began my review of Samuel Gregg’s book “Tea Party Catholic,” focusing on his penchant for tendentious binary choices and his inability to put history to its proper use, as an instructor in complexity. Today, we look at Gregg’s frequent use of strawmen to make his case. I cannot remember a book I have read, ever, in which so many of my dog-eared, marginal notes consisted of the word “strawman” as this book.

Review: "Tea Party Catholic"


To say that Samuel Gregg’s new book “Tea Party Catholic” is a bad book is a bit like saying Liberace was flamboyant. The adjectives are apt, to be sure, but somehow inadequate. Regular readers will recall that I reviewed Gregg’s previous book, Becoming Europe,” which you can find by clicking here. That book, too, was more agitprop than scholarship, and the Acton Institute, where Gregg serves as Research Director, seems determined to be to capitalism what Pravda was to Marxism.


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