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Gehring on Pope Francis & the "New Values Debate"


Over at Time magazine, John Gehring has a splendidly balanced essay on Pope Francis' expected trip to the U.S. and how the pope is shaping the relationship of faith to culture. Liberals do not get a pass from Gehring on abortion and conservatives do not get a pass on social justice. And, the excitement so many of us feel on account of Pope Francis breathes through every sentence. 

Catholic Conversation Project


Last week I had the good fortune to attend the fifth meeting of the Catholic Conversation Project (CCP). Begun in the wake of the kerfuffle over President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame’s graduation in 2009, and designed to defuse the culture war mentality that so easily consumes all in its wake, the CCP has been gathering young theologians together each summer for a few days of panels, discussions, camaraderie, and prayer. They invite some experts at each session to serve on panel discussions.

Kristof on Working Class Woes


From yesterday's New York Times, Nick Kristof on the challenges facing America's working class, and how no one is paying enough attention to them. Indeed, the phrase "working class" needs to be brought back into common usage, as distinguished from the middle class. With Robert Putnam's forthcoming book on this topic, we can only hope that this pressing national concern will get the attention it deserves.

Nixon's Resignation: Forty Years Later


C-Span is not my usual TV viewing fare, but this weekend – when my schedule was trying to return to normal after a week of travel – they aired replays of President Nixon’s two resignation speeches, one to the nation the night before his resignation and one, the next day, to the White House staff. I could not tear myself away and ended up watching them twice. Forty years ago, our nation faced a real constitutional crisis, not a faux crisis contrived by Fox and Friends.

Zmirak on Immigration - (Prepare to Get Very Upset!)


This article by John Zmirak at American Catholic is stunning in every way. I do not share Mr. Zmirak's belief that "strict justice" requires deportation of all undocumented immigrants. His selective reading of Church teaching is remarkable. And this, in a journal that proclaims it examines politics and culture "from a Catholic perspective." Zmirak should try out his arguments with his local bishop or, better yet, with the Holy Father. 

Even S & P is Worried about Income Inequality


This story from earlier in the week at the Atlanta Journal Consitution merits widespread attention. Standard & Poors, not exactly a lefty think tank, has lowered its projections for U.S. economic growth on account of income inequality: The uber-rich save their money, removing it from the economy, and the rest of us have less and less to spend. 

Robert Christian on Iraq


Over at Millennial, Robert Christian on the threat of genocide in Iraq. He rightly places the lion's share of the blame for the turmoil on the terrorists themselves, but notes that they got their opportunity because the Bush administration completely misunderstood the consequences of their decision to go to war and the Obama administration completely failed to aid the moderate opposition to Assad in Syria. Good stuff.


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