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Catholic Mission, Religious Freedom & LGBT Rights: Part III


I wish to close out my series on religious liberty & LGBT rights issues today by examining the situation in San Francisco, the recent adoption of an LGBT non-discrimination law that was backed by the Mormon Church in Utah, and ask if we Catholics can’t find a better way to approach these issues. After all, this summer the Supreme Court is likely to make a final decision on same sex marriage and the bishops have to decide how to promote and proclaim the Church’s teaching on marriage and the family in a society that understands marriage very differently.

Catholic Mission, Religious Freedom & LGBT Rights, Part II



Yesterday, I looked at the issue of Catholic universities, and by extension other Catholic agencies, extending health care and other benefits to employees who enter into same sex unions. Today, I want to look at a different issue, namely, LGBT non-discrimination laws that govern when and if it is permissible for a Catholic or other religious agency to discriminate against a gay or lesbian person in hiring.

Netanyahu's Somersaults


In the days leading up to the Israeli elections, incumbent Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, worried that his Likud party was slipping in the polls, said that on his watch, there would not be a Palestinian state. On election day itself, he warned that the “right wing government” (his words) was in danger of losing power because Israel’s Arab citizens were turning out in large numbers at the polls.


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