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Links for 06/29/15


No Monday morning post his morning. I refer readers to my Saturday post on the Supreme Court decision which is listed on the blog roll just below this one. 

At the blog Accidental Beatitude, Holly Taylor Coolman has some good thoughts on what Catholics should do in the wake of the Supreme Court decision. A cool head and a smart brain and a large heart, working together. Coolman is a treasure. 

6-3 = 6.4 Million


At stake yesterday was the future ability of 6.4 million Americans to receive subsidies for purchasing health insurance, even though they live in states that did not set up their own health care exchanges and, because of four ambiguous words, might have been denied those subsidies. That sound you heard a little past 10 a.m. yesterday morning was the collective sigh of relief, not only among the 6.4 million, but also from health care providers, especially those who care for the poor such as Catholic health care providers.

More Laudato Si' - Magistra No


It would have been easy to spend the entire last week, since the release of Laudato Si’, doing nothing on this blog put play whack-a-mole, hitting the various detractors as they pop up their little heads. Most of the objections so far have been predictable and not worth the effort. But, two dissenters have come to my attention that warrant a response, one because the dissent is both incendiary and dumb, the other because the dissent is unintentionally on-target and smart.

The Synod Starts to Take Shape


Working documents are not intended to be page turners. And, the Instrumentum laboris (IL) unveiled yesterday by the Vatican to guide the discussions at October’s Synod on the Family is not soon going to be on the best seller list. But, the document is important not only for what it says about the Synod, but for what it indicates about the man who will preside at the Synod and decide subsequently how the Church will deal with certain thorny issues, Pope Francis.


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