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More on the Hobby Lobby Case


Over at Religion & Politics, Tracy Fessenden looks at the forthcoming possible outcomes of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby case, which challenges part of the HHS contraception mandate. This is a fine summation of the different points of view and I suspect Fessenden is right, that the Roberts' Court will look for a "save" on the most limited grounds possible, instead of seeking an over-arching opinion on religious liberty cases. 

Bishops at the Border


At the end of this month, the USCCB Committee on Migration will hold its annual March meeting, but not at the USCCB headquarters here in Washington. Instead, the committee will travel to the U.S.-Mexican border, make a tour, and say Mass at the border itself. They hope to raise awareness of the human suffering that occurs as a direct result of our broken immigration system. I admit I like the fact the bishops are doing this in part because I suggested they do this several months ago.

New Sighting of Prodigal's Older Brother


As I noted the other day, Pope Francis doubled down on his "who am I to judge?" question in a recent sermon at the Domus. His sermon, at least what we gleaned from the excerpts, was another example of his so very needed exhortation to the followers of Christ to stop wagging our fingers at people, to love people, to accompany people, and a pastor's recognition that severe judgmentalism is one way to break the bond between pastor and flock and a theologian's recognition that judgment is reserved to God. The sermon was deeply moving. But, it moved me differently from the way it moved Fr.

Contra Baumann on Francis


It is with great reluctance that I confess I found Paul Baumann’s recent essay in Slate about Pope Francis deeply disappointing. Baumann is a serious Catholic intellectual, and a far more gifted writer than I am. But I fear he has succumbed in this essay to the media’s relentless desire to be contrary, to make a counter-intuitive argument when common intuition might be a better guide.

For example, Baumann writes:


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