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Links for 11/30/15


Less than a fortnight after the USCCB adopted a new version of "Faithful Citizenship" that really, really encourages Catholics to vote Republican, the conservative political right has proven the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished. Breitbart, the clearinghouse for political conservatism's latest ideas and news, suggests that the Church is not helping refugees out of obedience to the Word of God.

Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis


Tomorrow, the government of Puerto Rico has a debt payment due of $354 million. News reports indicate that the commonwealth may be able to cobble together the money to make this payment but, as Governor Alejandro Padilla has correctly said, the overall debt of the island’s government is “unpayable.” A yet larger payment is due on January 1. Puerto Rico’s total debt now stands at $72 billion.

"Yet until brown clay has been rammed down my larynx...."


It is the day before Thanksgiving and so my thoughts, like the thoughts of many, turn to the many, many reasons to be thankful. Gratitude, for the Christian, must become a kind of second nature, a disposition of the heart, first, and later the head, to see past the veil of tears, kindle hope in the darkness, and not a generic hope, still less an optimism, but a sure hope in God’s providence over all creation. Today, in addition to being grateful for friends and family, I should like to concentrate on the ecclesial sources of gratitude.

Links for 11/23/15


At Politico, a report on the Louisiana Governor's race. In one of the reddest states in the country, the Democrats won in large part by nominating a pro-life candidate. There are a dozen or so congressional seats that Democrats can only re-take if they field a pro-life candidate. Will Emily's List continue to exercise veto power or will the Dems get serious about re-taking key state houses and congressional districts? 

Links - sort of - for 11/20/15


I would like to use this space to address some issues raised on twitter. I do not tweet, but some friends were kind enough to send along tweets challenging the point I made on Wednesday regarding the misquoting of Pope Benedict XVI's 2005 address to the curia. Both Archbishop Leonard Blair and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo cited Benedict's "hermeneutic of continuity" in defending the draft text of Faithful Citizenship.


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