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"Immigrant Labor, Immigrant Rights"


David Bacon, an immigration activist, has published a provocative article on the relationship between the immigration debate and larger debates about trade policy and labor organizing. I am not convinced that his focus on "rights" is the proper avenue: I prefer to see this debate go forward using the language and logic of solidarity. But, Bacon's article points out many of the issues that would remain unaddressed even if comprehensive immigration reform were to pass tomorrow, which it won't.  

"Crux" Launched with Panel on Pope Francis


John Allen, who was a colleague of ours at NCR for many years, and is now a different kind of colleague but still a colleague, helped launch the Boston Globe's new website on Catholicism, Crux, with a panel discussion at Boston College featuring Cardinal Sean O'Malley, BC Theology Professor Hosffman Ospino, Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon, and Robert Christian, the editor of Millennial who filled in for me last week here at Distinctly Catholic. I wish John and his team at the Globe much success, but not too much. LOL.

MSW's Vacation Log


It had been nine years since I crossed the Atlantic to visit Europe and my life has changed a great deal in those intervening years. My last trip was decidedly ecclesiastical as I was attending a consistory. But, as more and more of my life has been happily consumed by thinking about the Catholic Chruch, it was not really a surprise that my trip to Bavaria and Austria last week turned into a bit of a pilgrimage. With limited time in cities I have never before visited, I head straight for the churches.


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