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Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix issued a pastoral letter to the men of his diocese, with the opening subheading "A Call to Battle." So, the culture wars are on, at least in Phoenix. Who talks like this? This time last year, there was a rumor that +Olmsted was going to be the next archbishop of Chicago, but that rumor picked the wrong former rector of the Josephinum. 

Pope Francis' Visit: Wrap-Up, Part I


To say that the past six days were stunning suffers from understatement. It will take time for all of us to reflect upon the Holy Father’s many talks, and perhaps even longer to assess what impact his words will have on the Church and the culture. But, by way of a wrap-up, here are some of the key quotes from this wonderful week, and why I think they speak to the essence of Pope Francis’ ministry, reflecting conscious choices about how to address certain issues.

Pope Francis at the Prison


More important than the words, although the words were beautiful, what most strikes me today about the Holy Father's meeting with prisoners in Philadelphia was the look of compassion and genuine interest on his face as he walked along the rows on inmates, bending down to shake their hands. He was engaged. These are his people. I could not help but compare the look on his face today with the more somber, formal, dare one say uninterested facial expression the pope could scarcely conceal as he was introduced to the fat cats of Wall Street last Thursday night at St. Patrick's Cathedral. 


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