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The Vatican's Commission on Child Protection


The announcement of the Vatican’s commission on the protection of the children was highly anticipated, especially here in the United States where the clergy sex abuse crisis has plagued the Church for more than two decades. But, the issue is not unique to the U.S. and the new commission must help all the local churches avoid some of the troubles we have encountered here – and which we continue to encounter.

More on Physician Assisted Suicide


Last week, I wrote about the fact that the legislature in my home state of Connecticut is debating a physician assisted suicide bill and I linked to a powerful, moving op-ed from Vicki Kennedy published just before a referendum in Massachusetts on a similar proposal there. Another important essay published before the 2012 vote in the Bay State was brought to my attention.

POTUS & the Pope


This Thursday, President Obama will visit Pope Francis. The pictures alone will set certain conservative hearts on edge and make liberal Catholics swoon. But, will the visit yield more than a photo-op for a president struggling with low poll numbers? Can we expect anything of substance to emerge from the meeting, or at least for some seeds to be planted that might yield a harvest later on?

Solidarity with Immigrants & Bishops


The Ignatian Solidarity Network has posted a list of ideas for ways that people can stand in solidarity with our bishops when they go to the border on March 31st and, just as importantly, in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters. If your parish or diocese is not doing anything yet, here are some good ideas of things to be done. Remember NCR readers - we are the ultramontanists now! 

Europe's Bishops Face The Music


This report at Vatican Insider about the European bishops' recent statement on the situation the continent faces is important for several reasons. First, they have not abandoned the "European project" at a time when nationalistic parties are all too willing to stoke social and political anxieties by ranting about Brussels. Second, they forcefully advocate for solidarity when all too many economists, and the politicians who listen to them, keep preaching a doctrine of austerity.

Physician Assisted Suicide in CT


The legislature in my home state of Connecticut is debating a proposal to permit physician assisted suicide. This is the latest such political battle over the issue. In 2012, Massachusetts voters narrowly defeated a similar proposal in a referendum. The next year, the legislature in Vermont adopted one. Physician assisted suicide has been legal in Oregon since the 90s and in Washington State since 2008.


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