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The Power of the Keys & the Synod


Most of the bishops gathered in Rome for the Synod on the Family do not serve in the diocese for which they were first ordained a bishop. None of the eight American delegates serve in the diocese for which they were first ordained. So, for example, when Cardinal Daniel DiNardo was installed as the coadjutor Bishop of Galveston-Houston in 2004, the nuncio read a papal bull appointing him as the new coadjutor bishop and releasing him from his bonds to the diocese of Sioux City where he had previously served as bishop.

Clinton Wins Big


I had anticipated staying up late to parse the different exchanges during last night’s Democratic presidential debate. Alas, the verdict was self-evident throughout the night: Hillary Clinton dominated the debate from start to finish. Her answers were clear and concise, she never got rattled even when faced with questions designed to have that effect, she appeared more relaxed and, yes, more human than her opponents. Most importantly, she looked thoroughly presidential.


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