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The Fascinating Reactions to Paul Griffiths' CTSA Talk


I confess up front to two difficulties in writing this morning. First, the text of Paul Griffiths’ talk at the recent Catholic Theological Society of America convention is not yet published and I was not in the room. Second, I am not a theologian by training but an historian, and the two enterprises yield different casts of mind to be sure. But, with those caveats stated, the issues raised by Griffiths, and the responses they are generating, are too fascinating to sit this one out.

Wilcox Hits a Double


I was one of those concerned that the USCCB had invited Bradley Wilcox to address them yesterday at their meeting in New Orleans, given his op-ed in the Washington Post which was, at best, tone deaf in its treatment of violence against women. And, while I was not able to hear the entirety of his talk, and the USCCB has not yet posted the on-demand video of it, what I did hear was fine. He agreed with liberals that you cannot discuss the sad state of marriage without looking at the economic pressures most families face.

Garnett on RCs vs Libertarianism


Over at Mirror of Justice, Rick Garnett raises some issues about the commentary on the recent conference "Erroneous Autonomy: The Catholic Case Against Libertarianism." I still do not buy his charge that we are tilting at strawmen: The fact that laissez-faire does not exist in a pristine form does not mean that those who tend to look to its worldview for answers are real, not straw, and their arguments pernicious precisely because they invest the "laws of the market" with autho

Contra Nicholas Hahn on Immigration


Nicholas Hahn, editor at RealClearReligion, took to the pages of RealUnclearReligion, I mean, the American Spectator, to launch an attack on the U.S. bishops because of their activism on behalf of comprehensive immigration reform. Like many of Mr. Hahn’s forays into public debate, his latest column demonstrates, in equal parts, the willingness to misunderstand the way bishops interact with the public sphere, and, when that does not suffice, to ignore the facts entirely.


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