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Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Panel


I have long admired Rep. Charlie Rangel. But, his decision to walk out of the Ethics Committee meeting today reeks of theater not governance.

He should keep walking. After an election, the results of which were hardly to my liking, people have a right to believe that they have turned a page and directed their legislators to move in a new direction.

Rangel's shenanigans suggest that nothing has changed. What a shame that such a storied career ends in such follish stagecraft.

Live From B'More: Cardinal George's Final Address as USCCB President


In his presidential address, Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, recalled that three years ago, when he began his tenure as head of the USCCB, the Church in America was preparing for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. George also recalled the election of President Barack Obama. Irrespective of one’s political affiliation, Cardinal George noted that the election of the first African-American citizen to the presidency was a unique historical accomplishment.

Live Blogging the USCCB Mtg


I will be in Baltimore attending the plenary meeting of the USCCB the next few days and will be blogging live from the Marriott hotel where the bishops are gathered.

So, the posting schedule here at Distinctly Catholic, and the content, may be different this week.

The agenda is a bit think for this year's meeting but the most important item on the agenda is election of new officers, which takes place tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned!

What is Wrong with Dems on Hill?


This, from Dana Milbank in yesterday's Washington Post:

Democrats in the House are set to keep the same three leaders - Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn - who led them to their historic wipeout. This is the preschool-soccer theory of accountability: Nobody keeps score and everybody gets a trophy.

The internal dynamics of the Democratic caucus - and the egos of the principals - seem to dictate this ridiculous outcome. The external politics is screaming - Young Blood!

McCarthyite Tactics Against CCHD


The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the anti-poverty program sponsored by the U.S. bishops, released a report Oct. 26 to assure critics that “No CCHD funds will go to groups whose actions conflict with fundamental Catholic social teaching.” Now CCHD critics are up in arms, charging that the same report that contains the pledge extols the work of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), which, critics claim, “participates in promotion of abortion, homosexual ‘rights’, and other issues in conflict with Catholic social and moral teaching.”


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