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Review "The Word of God at Vatican II"


On November 14, 1962 the Second Vatican Council began its consideration of the text, De Fontibus, the proposed schema, drafted before the start of the Council by the Roman curia and its theologians, on the subject of divine revelation. As the title indicates, the text repeated the classic Roman understanding of revelation as springing from two sources, Scripture and Tradition, and it generally followed the standard line, ignoring many of the theological advances of the past decades.

Immigration Smash-up On Capitol Hill


It is hard to know what to make of yesterday’s bizarre inability by GOP House leaders to pass a bill aimed at dealing with the crisis at the border. For weeks on end, they have been talking about the increase in the number of unaccompanied children fleeing to this country as if it were an existential threat to the nation. They urged action. But, then, when the moment to act came, Speaker John Boehner could not corral enough votes to pass a bill.


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