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Happy Feast & Happy Anniversary


Today if the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo. It is also the anniversary of the coronation of Saint Pope John XXIII. John had been elected on October 28, 1958, and given the elaborate ceremonies involved in a papal coronation, ceremonies that John loved, the preparations took about a week. Still, he chose this feast for a reason and delivered the first clue that his would be a reforming papacy: Borromeo was one of the great reformers of the sixteenth century and Roncalli knew all about him, having edited the Acta of his episcopal visits after the Council of Trent.

First Tuesday After the First Monday


Today is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November which means it is election day. In Kentucky, voters will be selecting a new governor. In Virginia, control of the state legislature is up for grabs. In my home town in Connecticut, my Dad tells me the most heated contest if for tax collector. (I am sure there is a funny biblical joke to be made about that, but I haven’t found it yet.) Mostly, today, my thoughts are on what this day will look like one year from now.

The Beatitudes and the Synod Fallout


Yesterday, at Mass, the Church presented for our reflection on the Feast of All Saints, one of the most well known passages in the Gospel, the Beatitudes, which are for us Christians, the very model of saintliness. Although these are among the most well known words of Jesus in the Bible, they never grow stale or rote, they always help the Christian focus on what is vitally important.

The Wrongness of the Right Side of History


If one more liberal politician or talking head speaks about “being on the right side of history” I am going to throw something at the television set. This phrase is, of course, Stalinist in its explicit origins and the ideological affinity with Stalinism should be obvious. But, hey, high school history lessons aren’t what they once were and, besides, the idea is at least implicit in non-Stalinist ideologies as well. In no instance does it make a whit of sense.


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