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Ground Zero is not Auschwitz


One of the arguments made against the mosque near Ground Zero – not at Ground Zero, by the way, it is two New York City blocks away from the perimeter of Ground Zero – is that while these Muslims have every right to build a mosque there, it is imprudent to do so. Conservative talking head Dan Senor and Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn have drawn an analogy between the Ground Zero mosque and the Carmelite convent at Auschwitz that Pope John Paul II ordered moved. The analogy is a false one, but it is illuminating in spite of itself.

Q & A: Meagher on Mansfield


This week at Q & A, we are focusing on the contributions made to America, and to the Catholic Church in the United States, by those whose parents were immigrants and who might, therefore, lose their citizenship if this ridiculous tinkering with the 14th Amendment were actually to be enacted. Yesterday, we looked at Cardinal James Gibbons. Today, Catholic University Professor Timothy Meagher, a fellow at CUA's Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies, examines the case of Senator Mike Mansfield:

Mike Mansfield was born in 1903 in Greenwich Village to Irish immigrant parents. His father, Patrick, came to America from Ireland in 1897. It's not clear when his mother, Josephine, left Ireland.

GREAT News from Boston


The relic of the True Cross that was stolen from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross has been recovered. This is great news.

Ever since the time of the Reformation, many non-Catholics have scoffed at our Catholic devotion to relics. They doubt the authenticity of the claims made about the relics. But, they misunderstand the nature of religious authenticity. That relic has been venerated by Christians for centuries. I have no reason to doubt that it is indeed a part of the piece of wood on which hung the Savior of the World, recovered by Saint Helena in 313 A.D. We have every reason to assume that the early Christians, for whom the death and resurrection of the Lord, was a contemporary event, would have tried to preserve this artifact of the central event in their lives and, indeed, in the life of the world.


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