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What is George Weigel Smoking?


Over at Aleteia, George Weigel has a review of a new book by Margaret Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett on the relationship of Catholic schools to the social capital in the neighborhoods they serve. I will be reviewing that book tomorrow. But, what is strange about Weigel's review is that he uses it to bring up an old proposal of his that the authors do not advocate. Weigel wants to shut down the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and turn it into a campaign to save Catholic schools.

Evaluating Hillary Clinton's Tenure at State


In yesterday's Outlook section of the Washington Post, Walter Russell Meade offered a very fair assessment of Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. Meade gets past the shouting about Benghazi and provides a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses Secretary Clinton brought to her work, what she achieved, and what she did not achieve. Definitely, worth a read.

Kmiec's Quixotic Campaign


Voters will go to the polls in several states tomorrow to cast ballots in primary elections. In California, my friend Doug Kmiec is running as an Independent candidate for Congress. He has built his campaign on the belief that campaign financing is ruining our democracy as well as a much needed reminder that "both parties have let us down." The observation is so obvious yet, how is one to create change when third parties are at such a disadvantage?

Obama's "Values-Free" Foreign Policy


On no day have I been more relieved that I did not vote for President Barack Obama’s re-election than Wednesday when he addressed the graduating cadets at West Point. My relief is ephemeral because, without my vote, Obama still won and so was able to articulate a foreign policy perspective that explicitly places America’s interests above America’s values. Liberal ideals be damned.


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