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The Language & Logic of the Religious Right


In recent conversations with my more liberal and Democratic friends, they express a certain incredulity that anyone could find the platitudes and certainties of the Republican Party and, especially the Religious Right, persuasive. Of course, liberals have their own set of platitudes that these friends overlook with ease. Still, watching the GOP debates, I am reminded of how differently a large part of the GOP electorate views not just this issue or that, but the entire worldview they bring to their evaluation of policies and candidates.

Synodality & the Spirit


Three recent talks, one by the Holy Father, and two by close collaborators of his, have focused on the issue of synodality. Coverage of the synod, included that offered here, tended to focus on the issues discussed in the recently concluded synod, but perhaps the larger story was the synod itself, and the kind of leadership a synodal approach requires.

Links for 11/11/15


At RealClearPolitics, Peter Berkowitz delivers an elegy for the living in the person of Peggy Noonan. His take on the childishness of contemporary American culture is spot-on, except for his observations regarding sexual assault, about which we are learning our criminal justice system needs tweeking.  That said, he is right about Noonan who is one of the saner voices on the right. 


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