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Card. George Pushes For Immigration Reform


Yesterday, former Speaker of the House Danny Hastert and Cardinal Francis George joined hands with Illinois business leaders to make the case for comprehensive immigration reform. The Chicago Tribune has the story. The business push is especially important as the issue rests in the hands of the House GOP leaders, all of whom are beholden, in varying degrees, to business interests. 

A Myth Is Born


Yesterday, again at the vet’s (this time for Ambrose, the St. Bernard), I saw something on the CNN ticker about a new Congressional Budget Office report on the Affordable Care Act. It said something about jobs. I was distracted but could sense this did not bode well.

Movement on Immigration Reform


Politico reports that Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Chuck Schumer are having negotiations on the issue.  The USCCB, like the White House and most immigration reform advocates, welcomed the statement of principles announced by House republicans last week. The is not the end, to quote Churchill. It is not even the beginning of the end. But, it may be the end of the beginning. 


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