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Trump Wins NH; Millions of Catholics Cover Their Heads in Ashes


I am reasonably certain that when the Secretary of State of New Hampshire chose yesterday as the date for that state’s presidential primary, the fact that it was Fat Tuesday did not factor into the equation. But, when the coincidence of Donald Trump’s first victory coming the night before Ash Wednesday, who can now say that God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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At RealClearPolitics, Peter Berkowitz makes a conservative case against Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but he overstates the degree to which less incendiary conservatives are honestly compassionate when it comes to helping the poor. There is an ideological aversion against the state and in favor of markets that severely limits the degree to which any genuine compassionate conservatism can make headway.

Congress Wrestles with Puerto Rican Debt


Last week, Congress held a hearing on the crisis in Puerto Rico. As readers will recall, I have written about the sovereign debt crisis before, and the humanitarian crisis within which the economic difficult is happening. It is important to frame it this way, because the free-marketers, both the economic “experts” and their fellow travelers in the political community, are determined to obfuscate the human aspect of this situation and to clarify only the “economic” laws and property or contractual rights that pertain to it.


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