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As some of you may know, NCR is conducting its annual webathon this week. Every morning, I get up, brew the coffee, read the paper, look at my notes, sit down at the computer and do my part, writing hopefully provocative commentary on the Church, politics, and the estuary where the two intersect. This week, we need you to do your part. You can brew coffee if you wish. You do not have to retrieve any dog-eared books. You do not need to take any notes.

Moral Implications of Partisanship


Last night, a diverse group of political hands met at Georgetown to discuss the moral implications of partisanship. The evening’s discussion was the fifth event sponsored by John Carr’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought in Public Life and one can only hope that these discussions permeate the otherwise intellectually moribund political class that currently calls the shots in this city.

Sarah Palin, Baptism & Waterboarding


Mollie Hemingway, writing at The Federalist, correctly chastises Sarah Palin for telling the National Rifle Association convention that "waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists." Everything about the comment is offensive in the extreme but what really caught my attention was how she set up the remark. Palin said, "If I were in charge..." Obviously, with that premise, whatever follows is likely to be delusional. 



Throughout the run-up to the canonizations, and indeed at the ceremony itself yesterday, the two men to be canonized were referred to as St. Pope John XXIII and St. Pope John Paul II. Indeed, on the altar where the remains of John Paul II are kept, the stone reads “Sanctus Johannes Paulus PP. II.” I would have preferred that we referred to St. Angelo Roncalli and St. Karol Wojtyla because the Church canonizes the person, not the pontificate.

Catholic First, Politics Second


In case you missed it on the NCR homepage, this commentary by John Gehring and Kim Daniels makes the important case that we Catholics in the U.S. need to focus on what unites us, and start with our Catholicism first, and not let political divisions get in the way of sowing the seeds of the Kingdom. Gehring is a man of the left and Daniels is a woman of the right. It is good to see them working together. 


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