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The Dems Debate in New Hampshire


Watching the Democratic presidential debate on Saturday night, it was hard not to be flipping channels to check the scores. Halfway through, I was checking to see if there was a “Law & Order” rerun. Unlike the Republican debates, from which a team of horses could not drag me, the Democratic debates this year are sleepy affairs. In a GOP debate, you are sitting at the edge of your seat to hear the next outrageous thing that will be said: Kill the families of terrorists? Sure. Ban all Muslims from entering the US? Sure. A third war in the Mideast in as many decades? Sure.

Links for 12/18/15


At Scotus blog, Rick Garnett renders his always thoughtful interpretation of the issues at stake in Zubik v. Burwell, the Supreme Court case on the HHS contraception mandate. But, of course, I always get a chuckle when Catholic scholars link religious and civil liberties without noting that, as a matter of history, the purpose of that linkage was to defeat "popery."  


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