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Review: Catholic Economics, Part I


Angus’ Sibley’s new book Catholic Economics: Alternatives to the Jungle touches many of the themes he examined in his 2011 book The Poisoned Spring of Libertarian Economics. Sibley, a longtime member of the London Stock Exchange who converted to Catholicism in 1999, could scarcely be more familiar with the “jungle” that is our world economy today. But, deeply read in Catholic Social Teaching, he sees in that teaching an alternative to what passes for mainstream, orthodox economics today.

Debate Drama in Iowa


In the countdown to the Iowa caucuses next Monday night, the candidates had one last big chance to make a splash: a final debate, scheduled for tomorrow, and sponsored by the Republican Party’s unofficial cheerleading squad, Fox News. But, because this year is not like any other year, the drama expected at the debate has actually preceded it with Donald Trump announcing he was going to boycott.

Links for 01/25/16


At Politico, how Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld buried a report that questioned the extent and value of U.S. intelligence about Iraq's nuclear program. I do not believe that political decision makers should be hauled into court for making bad decisions, but Mssr. Rumsfeld will have some explaining to do when he gets to the pearly gates.


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