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Polarization in the U.S. Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal


“Pride of being first leads you to want to kill others; humility, even humiliation, leads you to become like Jesus. And this is one thing that we don’t think. In this moment in which so many of our brothers and sisters are being martyred for the sake of Jesus’ Name, they are in this state, they have, in this moment, the joy of having suffered dishonour, and even death, for the Name of Jesus. To fly from the pride of being first, there is only the path of opening the heart to humility, to humility that never arrives without humiliation.

Oh Happy Day in San Diego


Change in the Church is usually describable as glacial. We have not been around for centuries by glomming on to the latest fad. Sometimes, however, even glaciers experience change suddenly and in a large scale, as when a large chunk of ice falls off. Later today, Bishop Robert McElroy will be installed as the Bishop of San Diego. This is the opposite of a large chunk of ice falling off. This is a large chunk of solid, solid intellectual and pastoral ground, warm not icy, being added to the mix.


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