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Is the UAW Coming to Tennessee?


In the movie, “The Family That Preys,” the always wonderful Kathy Bates turns to her daughter-in-law who is lamenting her husband’s affair. Bates, who shines best, I think, when playing the part of a strong southern woman, looks at her pitiable daughter-in-law and tells her to toughen up and brighten up. “You hold all the cards,” Bates instructs her. “You are a wronged wife with no pre-nup.”

NETWORK on Unemployment Benefits


The nights follow the days, and Congress has still not been able to extend long-term unemployment benefits for those who lost them on December 28. NETWORK issued this press release about the failure to act on this urgent measure. All Catholic members of Congress should ask themselves - how does the lack of unemployment benefits promote an economy of inclusion, rather than exclusion, that Pope Francis has spoken about so forcefully?

Gabriel Axel, RIP


The Danish director Gabriel Axel died on February 9. He won an Oscar for "Babette's Feast," which is probably the best movie ever. In the event, that movie was on TV this past Saturday and I caught the last forty-five minutes. There is nothing I have ever seen on the screen, big or small, that warms the heart as does that movie. 


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