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Tea Party & the NC Primary


What do North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul have in common? They are both rooting for the same guy, Greg Bannon, to win the GOP primary in North Carolina today. The winner of that primary will face Hagen in November and she would like nothing better than to face Bannon, a Tea Party champion who holds extreme views on any number of issues. Sen. Paul no doubt has his eyes on the GOP presidential primary in 2016 and the power of the Tea Party to get behind his campaign.

Silk on +O'Malley Presser


I am in full agreement with RNS's Mark Silk that Cardinal Sean O'Malley's press conference on Saturday was stunning and, hopefully, a sign that the entire Church is finally going to climb out of denial about the crime of sexually abusing minors. Silk, like NCR, has been tough as tough can be on this subject, so when he is hopeful, at least guardedly hopeful, we can all hope we are on the right track. 


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