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"Migrants leave behind everything but their faith"


Over at Vatican Insider, a story about a documentary filmmaker giving Pope Francis two of his documentaries about the lives of immigrants to the U.S. Let's hope the pope watches them and, even more, let's hope that when he comes to the U.S. Papa Francesco makes a stop at the border and says Mass there for all those who have tried to cross it seeking a better life, only to encounter death or exploitation. 

The Cuba Deal


One more relic of the Cold War was torn down yesterday as the governments of Cuba and the United States announced they were resuming diplomatic recognition and undertaking an exchange of prisoners. The changes announced yesterday also take down a few bricks in the wall of the U.S. embargo against the island nation, but most of that wall will remain in place pending congressional action.

Dogs in Heaven


As David Gibson has pointed out, it was Pope Paul VI, not Pope Francis, who said, “One day we will see our pets in the eternity of Christ.” The statement was not an exercise in the official magisterium of the Church, but it did not have to be. The sense of the faithful, at least those faithful who have dogs, knows this to be the case.

The Koch Brothers & CCHD


For several years now, conservatives have been complaining about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the U.S. bishops' anti-poverty campaign, joining in coalitions with groups that also support pro-choice and pro-gay marriage causes. I have never thought the critique had merit - it is fine to work with a group on, say, immigration reform if they hold other views with which we disagree, with very minor exceptions. Never a good idea to join forces with Holocaust deniers.

"But Lord, throw a banana peel in front of them...."


In this morning's homily, the Holy Father had some strong words for the Pharisees of our day. It is one of his best sermons yet. Pope Francis did not mention anyone by name, but I am guessing he might have this interviewee in mind. For the record, and contra Cardinal Burke, divorce is not like pedophilia. That is only one of several outrageous comments.


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