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Catholic-Evangelical Poverty Summit: A Report


The last three days, I have been attending the Catholic-Evangelical Summit on Poverty at Georgetown, which was the brainchild of John Carr, who leads Georgetown’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought & Public Life, Leith Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Robert Putnam, Harvard political scientist and author of the new book “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis.” The event had a yet more diverse array of sponsors, from the Salvation Army to Oxfam, and a still more diverse group of participants.

Review: Beyond the Abortion Wars


There is no issue on which attitudes are more set in stone than abortion. People who are pro-choice tend to find it unthinkable that anyone would tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. People who are pro-life consider it unconscionable that anyone would think abortion should be legally available. Powerful, well-funded interest groups enforce the twin orthodoxies of each side, and few and far between is the politician capable of a profile in thoughtfulness, let alone a profile in courage.

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Whatever your politics, as Catholic Christians we should concern ourselves with helping our brothers and sisters in Cuba, many of whom are mired in poverty. Here is a great way to help build solidarity between our two peoples. 

Cardinal Vincent Nichols went to London's most LGBT-friendly parish and delivered this powerful sermon. I think these words especially warrant the consideration of the Synod Fathers:

The "Credo Priests" Petition


Archbishop Vigano: Call your office! Friday, my colleague Soli Salgado and I published a news item about a petition signed by more than 850 priests urging the Synod on the Family to “stand firm on the Church’s traditional understanding of marriage, human sexuality and pastoral practices.” The petition, organized by a group called “Credo Priests” mimics one a few weeks ago engineered by conservative clerics in the United Kingdom.


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