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The Beatitudes and the Synod Fallout


Yesterday, at Mass, the Church presented for our reflection on the Feast of All Saints, one of the most well known passages in the Gospel, the Beatitudes, which are for us Christians, the very model of saintliness. Although these are among the most well known words of Jesus in the Bible, they never grow stale or rote, they always help the Christian focus on what is vitally important.

The Wrongness of the Right Side of History


If one more liberal politician or talking head speaks about “being on the right side of history” I am going to throw something at the television set. This phrase is, of course, Stalinist in its explicit origins and the ideological affinity with Stalinism should be obvious. But, hey, high school history lessons aren’t what they once were and, besides, the idea is at least implicit in non-Stalinist ideologies as well. In no instance does it make a whit of sense.

Why Liberals Should Oppose Assisted Suicide


Assisted suicide is now legal in five states: California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Vermont. In the coming year, Connecticut, Maryland and New York will likely face the issue in their state legislatures. All but one of those states, Montana, is a blue state, and in the three states set to consider the issue, Democrats control both houses of the legislature in Maryland and Connecticut, and the governorships in Connecticut and New York. So, this political battle will largely be fought within the ranks of the Democratic Party.


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