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+O'Malley at Natl Cath Prayer Breakfast


Here is the text of Cardinal Sean O'Malley's remarks at this morning's National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. I was hoping the event would be televised, but it was not. I am curious to know how the cardinal's message was received, especially his words about working with immigrants and our broken, inadequate immigration system. President George W. Bush addressed this issue at the prayer breakfast during his presidency, and was surprised he got so little applause, which tells you most of what you need to know about the event. Here is +O'Malley's text:

What the critics of Pope Francis miss


It has been 64 years since Reinhold Niebuhr published The Irony of American History. In 1952, many Americans remained haunted in a real way by the memories of what it had taken to defeat totalitarianism in World War II. They were still living in fear of a thermonuclear war and worried about the repressive communist regimes that had followed the Red Army into central Europe and taken over China. McCarthyism brought fear into America more directly, into our colleges and universities and unions and into the arts.


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