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Links for 02/15/16


More really useful data from Public Religion Research Institute: The number of white evangelicals in South Carolina has declined ten points since 2007, from 36 percent to 26 percent. That is still a high number, and evangelicals have extensive social networks that can be tapped to get out the vote. PRRI notes that the number of "nones" has increased, but they lack the social networks needed to help a GOTV effort. 

Last Night's Dem Debate in Wisconsin


If you entered last night’s Democratic debate leaning towards former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, you came away with plenty of reasons to justify your choice. If you entered leaning towards Sen. Bernie Sanders, you also received plenty to confirm your selection. Both candidates, in a largely civil debate, were true to form with Clinton calibrating her message more substantially as the nominating contest turns to a nationwide audience.


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