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Silk on Pew Findings


Having spent a few days recently venting about social scientists, let me tip my hat to one such whom I admire, Trinity College's Mark Silk, although he is so much more than a social scientist. Nonetheless, when looking at survey data, such as that released by Pew last week, it is always a good idea to see what Silk has to say about the results because he often sees things that escape the rest of us. Here is his latest.

Pope Francis on Authenticity of Prayer


It seems almost every sermon the Holy Father preaches at his morning Mass at St. Martha's is a home run. But this one really goes to the root of that false piety which says we should never complain to God even when our heart feels the need. He calls for real prayer, that speaks from what we are experiencing. It is just so startling, and invigorating, to read these accounts of his homilies. Here is the money quote from today. 

CUA Business School's First Conference


Last week, I attended the first academic conference sponsored by Catholic University’s still relatively new (18 months old) School of Business. Titled “Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business,” the event was co-sponsored by the Napa Institute, the brainchild of Catholic businessman, and CUA Trustee, Tim Busch. I readily confess my suspicions of the CUA Business School, but I tried to go in to the proceedings with an open mind.

Happy Feast Day to Me!


Today is the Feast of the Archangels, my feast day. Here is a video of the most appropriate song for the day, Ye Holy Angels Bright, sung at St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City. And, I post the wonderful words after the video, calling attention to the last stanza - "and with a well-tuned heart, sing thou the songs of love!" Hymn writing does not get any better than this. . 

Need a Laugh? Check out "Gloria TV"


If you were doing a spoof of rightwing Catholics in the media, a Catholic, television-based version of the Onion, you could not do any better than the work, undertaken in earnest, found at GloriaTV. Who is behind this program? The production values are not very high, but still, somebody is paying for this. Here is a segment of their news show in which they begin with the dismissal of the Paraguayan Bishop Livieres Plano.


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