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Three cheers for former Princeton President William Bowen who went to Haverford after their original commencement speaker, former chancellor of the University of California at Berekely, Robert Birgeneau, dropped out in the face of a campus protest because of his actions to forcibly remove Occupy protesters at the Berkeley campus.

Pope Francis & Authority


The issue of authority within the Church, indeed the authority of the Church, is back. (Spoiler alert: It never left!) My colleague here at NCRRobert McClory writes about a “a sudden outburst of hierarchical moves to parade power and retake the high ground” and lists a variety of recent decisions by Pope Francis, or decisions taken on his authority, that strike McClory as the kind of thing he was hoping Pope Francis would not do.

+Kasper's Critics


The conservative knives are out for Cardinal Walter Kasper. At, Phil Lawler warns about the “dangers” of Kasper’s comments on the issue of admitting divorced and remarried Catholics to communion. Lawler worries that Kasper, unable to change Church teaching, is proposing ideas that will nonetheless undermine Church teaching and he urges conservatives to resist any narrative that suggests the fix is in, and Kasper’s proposals are going to be accepted by the Synod on the Family and the Holy Father.

Governor 1 Percent


Andrew Prokop at says progressives are worried that Governor Andrew Cuomo, aka, Gov. 1 percent, will be the future of the Democratic Party, not Mayor deBlasio. They are right to be worried. The great fear of those of us on the Catholic Left should be someone who embraces libertarian economic ideas as well as social policy libertarianism. The future of the Democrats requires them to become again the party of working class voters, or they will have no future at all.


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