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Links for 11/09/15


Nothing makes me crazier than a religious leader on the left who is so in tune with leftie trends, he or she becomes blind to the complexity of an issue at hand. And, no one seems to do this more often than Rev. Welton Gaddy. Here, in the Des Moines Register, is his latest, a basic obfuscation of the fact that the First Amendment's religious liberty guarantees are one of our nation's proudest achievements.

Review: "The Francis Effect"


Reviewing a book by a friend is always a fraught task. Reviewers have a tic, disposing them to find something to criticize, and even the best of friends do not always take criticism constructively, especially when it involves criticism of a book. As most authors will tell you, writing a book is a little bit like raising a child, you invest your whole heart and soul and time into it.

Happy Feast & Happy Anniversary


Today if the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo. It is also the anniversary of the coronation of Saint Pope John XXIII. John had been elected on October 28, 1958, and given the elaborate ceremonies involved in a papal coronation, ceremonies that John loved, the preparations took about a week. Still, he chose this feast for a reason and delivered the first clue that his would be a reforming papacy: Borromeo was one of the great reformers of the sixteenth century and Roncalli knew all about him, having edited the Acta of his episcopal visits after the Council of Trent.


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