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The Sensus Fidei


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued an important document last week that did not generate as much attention as it should have. The text deals with the sensus fidei and it represents the work of the International Theological Commission over several years. I would add that it is a very finely done document, accessible to anyone with even a rudimentary familiarity with theology.

Immigration Reform Dying or Dead?


Over at Politico, the verdict is that immigration reform is dead. The step-by-step account is disheartening at several levels, but mostly because Republican congressional leaders could not find the courage to put the safety and welfare of 11 million people ahead of the internal politics of their caucus. I can understand a politician who does not wish to put his or her re-election at stake, but this was not even about that. It was about the politics on the Hill, not in the hinterlands.

Instrumentum laboris: Second impressions


Yesterday, I gave some initial impressions of the Instrumentum laboris for the forthcoming Synod on the Family, highlighting different strengths and weaknesses in the document. Today, I propose to take a step back and look at the document as a whole and what it portends both for the synod and for the Church in this privileged, albeit challenging, moment.

Bruta Figura: Tea Party Version


In his concession speech, in which he failed to concede, Chris McDaniel showed some serious "bruta figura." But, just as remarkable is the fact that he displayed the quality that Tea Party types usually associate with the GOP establishment, and indict them for it, namely, a sense of entitlement. McDaniel seems angry at the fact that people exercised their right to vote and they voted for his opponent.


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