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Happy Anniversary to Us!


Heading to the airport to catch a flight to Kansas City for NCR's 50th anniversary celebration. I can scarcely say how proud I am to be associated with NCR and with all the talented people who produce what is clearly the liveliest webpage in the Catholic blogosphere.

I had hoped to have a book review ready to run today, so I could post in advance, but I am not done with the book yet! So, I am taking the day off and, now, so are you faithful readers of Distinctly Catholic! See you on Monday. 


Midterm Spending in post-Citizens United Elections


If you live in a state with a competitive Senate or House race, you are probably already tired of clicking past the campaign ads that are now swamping the nation’s television screens. The hope that TiVo and other devices would minimize campaign advertising has not come to fruition. And, in the post-Citizens United world of campaign spending and contributions, there is not just more and more advertising but more and more of it is negative.

+Kurtz Doesn't Take the Bait


The National Catholic Register has published an interview by Edward Pentin with Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, President of the USCCB and a synod father. I am glad they printed the questions, not just +Kurtz's answers. The questions are all edgy, trying to bait the archbishop into providing fodder for divisiveness. To his great credit, +Kurtz does not take the bait and provides nuanced responses. Good for him. 

Archbishop Chaput's Remarkable Challenge to Pope Francis


Archbishop Charles Chaput aligned himself with Cardinal Raymond Burke on Monday night as a severe critic of the Synod on the Family. According to this news reports from David Gibson at RNS, +Chaput was asked about the synod at a First Things symposium, and replied: “I was very disturbed by what happened” at the synod.


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