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The Right Preempts the Pope


Yesterday, I put up a link to an article by Dennis Prager that amounted to a preemptive strike against Pope Francis’ forthcoming encyclical on the environment. His article was more of a rant than an argument so I only posted it with a brief comment. Within minutes, friends besieged me with two other articles that warrant a more detailed reply, but which amount to the same thing, a preemptive effort to downplay or contradict an encyclical precisely no one yet knows will say.

Red States v. Blue States


There is a lot to think about in this article from the NYTimes this weekend, comparing Red States v. Blue States, in terms of cost-of-living, different sources of economic growth, etc. Most startling may be the rise in inequality in the blue states, a clear consequence of the financialization of the economy, as New York and Connecticut top the list now in terms of income inequality. The money quote:

Pope Francis Riles Conservative Pols


This article at The Hill suggests that Pope Francis and the GOP will be at odds in the coming year. Of course, there is plenty in the Holy Father's words to rile Democrats too, but at least there now appears to be some equal opportunity riling going-on, which we have not seen in the stateside Church for some time. For 35 years, if you did not agree with the way the 'i's" were dotted or the "t's" crossed in Humanae vitae, you were labeled a bad Catholics.


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