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Is Tea Party Binge Over?


In this morning's Washington Post, Michael Gerson makes the case that the GOP is getting over its Tea Party hangover. I hope he is right. But, there is this one troubling sentence in his article that gives one pause. He writes: "A plurality of Republicans in primaries still identify with the tea party movement." Speaker Boehner may be able to take on the tea party caucus in the House.

+Wuerl, Other Religious Leaders Send Letter to Obama


Below is the text of a letter sent to President Obama, signed by a host of religious leaders, praising him for “lifting up” the issue of international religious liberty during his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. As you will see, the letter also invites President Obama to reflect upon the issue of domestic religious liberty, not in a hostile way, but in an encouraging way. This non-culture warrior approach is, I believe, more likely to yield the results we want on the issue of religious liberty than some of the over-the-top claims one finds put forward at, for example, EWTN.

Happy Birthday To Me!


Formerly, I hated celebrating my birthday. It is the narcissism of youth I suppose that we think getting older is a bad thing and, in our American culture, the celebration of youth was and is ubiquitous. It was a bishop friend who, on learning of my distaste for marking my birthday, challenged me: “That’s not very pro-life!” And, indeed it is not. So, today, I give thanks for the fact of being born.

Kudos to Crisis Mag


It is not very often I find myself nodding in agreement with an article published by Crisis magazine, but this article by William Newton on the HHS mandate makes some of the points I have been making regarding the HHS mandate, especially the fact that compliance with the mandate could not constitute illicit material cooperation with evil and the dangers of the argument that our opposition to the mandate should be rooted in a conscience exemption. Kudos to Crisis for publishing this fine piece. 


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