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Last week, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good asked me to pen an essay on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I chose to focus on the fact that we usually remember Dr. King, rightly, as a civil rights icon, but he was much more than that. You can find it by clicking here.

Disagreeable MSW This Monday Morn


Jesuit Fr. Tom Reese and E.J. Dionne are two men from whom I have learned a great deal over the years. I first came to know Fr. Reese through his writings, which were enlightening both in their knowledge and their analysis. E.J. I came to know while working at Kramerbooks, which is just around the corner from the Brookings Institution, where E.J. keeps his office. I am in their debt and have been for more than two decades and, happily, both men have become friends. Additionally, Fr. Reese is now my colleague here at NCR.

Anti-Pope Francis BS at Fox News


Talk about tendentious readings of papal utterances? Here is a young man at Fox News, Adam Shaw, who has a bad case of Francis Derangement Syndrome. The Holy Father is not opposed to aspiration. He is opposed to a system that takes account only of material aspirations, as opposed to others' needs, and which invites spiritual poverty at the same time it encourages material wealth. Shaw's inability to see the difference is shocking, and I am not easily shocked. 

Kathryn Jean Lopez on Pope Francis


I really, really want to like Kathryn Jean Lopez. I think she is one of those conservative thinkers who is at least trying to get her head around the Pope Francis effect, not undermine it, or dismiss it. And, in this latest article, she is entirely within her rights to try and correct the record on Francis regarding his pro-life credentials. And, I am very grateful to her for unearthing this quote from then-Cardinal Bergoglio:

Same-Sex Marriage & Catholic Schools


The controversy over the decision to terminate the employment of Vice Principal Mark Zmuda from his job at Eastside Catholic High School raises important and challenging issues for Church leaders, issues that are not likely to go away anytime soon. Whether Zmuda was fired or felt sufficient pressure to resign may have contractual significance, but is hardly the key issue.


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