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The War on Advent



This time of year, FOX News and other conservative critics begin bemoaning what they call “The War on Christmas.” I will treat this strange phenomenon in my essay tomorrow morning. But, today I should like to raise a different alarm. Whatever one thinks about the “War on Christmas,” there is most definitely a “War on Advent.”


Evangelii Gaudium: Additional Impressions



Today, I will take a final look at Evangelii Gaudium, that is, for immediate purposes. The text is something to be kept at hand and read over and over again in the days, months and years ahead. But, Chapter 4, “The Social Dimension of Evangelization,” warrants special attention today, especially here in the United States where there are such strong counter-currents in the culture.

Pope Francis writes:

Samuel Gregg on Evangelii Gaudium


Over at National Review, the Acton Institute's Samuel Gregg has penned his take on Evangelii Gaudium.  It is an extended variation on the childhood theme, "Who me? That was not my hand in the cookie jar!" Then he essentially says the pope does not know what he is talking about when it comes to economics. Of course, as baptized Christians, the pope and Mr. Gregg worship a crucified Lord.

Wassup at Congregation for Bishops?


The answer to the question - wassup with the Congregation for Bishops? - is above the pay grade of my sources. But, it is astonishing that Cardinal Marc Ouellet has not yet been confirmed in his post as prefect of that all-important congregation. Cardinal Filoni has been confirmed. Cardinal Turkson has been confirmed. Archbishop Muller has been confirmed. Cardinal Canizares has not been confirmed, but he is expected to head back to Spain as Archbishop of Madrid. 


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