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Religion & the Founding: Holmes' "The Faiths of the Founding Fathers"


The final book in this series on religion and the founding comes from David Holmes, Professor of Religious Studies at the College of William and Mary. The Faiths of the Founding Fathers, unlike the four previous volumes, is scholarly but more accessible and could easily be read by a high school age student. As we shall see, it does not delve as deeply as one would want into the thorny issues of religion and society, but it does provide both the appropriate frames, and concise pictures within those frames, of individual founders and what they believed.

NYTimes Ed Board Channels Emily's List


The New York Times published an editorial yesterday asserting that the Supreme Court's order in the Wheaton college case last week undercut their own logic in the then-two-days-old Hobby Lobby decision. I think they are wrong. But, you would think the editorial board of the nation's newspaper of record might have given a bit of thought to their complaint.

Religion & the Founding: Curran's "Papist Devils''


As we have seen in the past three days, religion, and specifically anti-Catholicism, were in the air the colonial Americans breathed and played a significant role in shaping the ideology that led to the American Revolution. Ours was a Revolution driven by ideas. But, those ideas maintained their currency largely because events conspired to keep the fires of anti-Catholic bigotry hot. Today, I will look at an important new book by Robert Emmett Curran, Papist Devils, Catholic in British America, 1574-1783.

A Rising Magenta Millennial


Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig is quickly making a name for herself. This young woman has recently published two articles that show her to be precisely the kind of Catholic thinker the Church -- and the country -- so desperately needs, someone who takes religious orthodoxy more seriously than political orthodoxy. Here is a recent article she wrote about fighting abortion by fighting poverty for The American Conservative, whose readership needs to hear this argument.

Religion & the Founding: Bonomi's "Under the Cope of Heaven"


You might say that Patricia Bonomi, in her book Under the Cope of Heaven: Religion, Society, and Politics in Colonial America, picks up where Bailyn left off. He surveyed the literature of colonial America with an emphasis on its political argumentation, considering the significance of the dissenting religious tradition to that political debate, but primarily focusing elsewhere. Bonomi looks specifically at not only the religious argumentation, but the series of religious events that helped stoke the flames of revolution in late colonial America.

Our Feckless President


Over the weekend, the Washington Post had this story about President Obama's decision to stop talking about income inequality and, instead, focus on "opportunity," a gauzy phrase if ever there was one. You would think the president would have realized by now that the only real political tool he has is the bully pulpit and now, apparently, he is unwilling to use that pulpit to focus on poverty. 


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