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The Ash Wednesday Second Collection


The crisis in the Ukraine has brought home how important the National Collection for the Church in Eastern Europe remains. This collection will be taken up tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. The Catholic Church in Ukraine has a long history of persecution. Like its Orthodox brethren, it was persecuted by the communists but it has also been on the receiving end of hostility from some of the Orthodox brethren.

Review: "A Catechism for Business"


Andrew Abela and Joseph Capizzi have just published “A Catechism for Business: Tough Ethical Questions & Insights from Catholic Teaching.” The book is much better than I feared. (More on the substance of the fears anon.) It consists of quotes drawn from the Church’s teaching on issues of business and economics and one can only hope that many Catholic businesspeople will better acquaint themselves with that teaching via this medium.

Take That, Robbie George


Vatican Insider is has an English language report on Argentinean theologian Victor Manuel Fernandez, who took on the idea of "non-negotiable" teachings of the Church in an interview with La Repubblica. It was Professor Robbie George who was the first and loudest proponent of this "non-negotiable" nonsense here in the States. I wonder if we will hear it again from his and his acolytes?

Crisis in Ukraine


No one should be surprised that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to occupy key strategic assets within the Crimea. The darling of Sochi, who basked in all the attention and respectability that comes with hosting an Olympics, remained at heart a thug. That, we could live with. But this thug has a vision, a vision of a restored Russian Empire. It is a vision that has already caused the deaths of countless thousands in Georgia and South Ossetia. That vision is currently provoking chaos in Ukraine and threatening something worse then chaos.

Is Tea Party Binge Over?


In this morning's Washington Post, Michael Gerson makes the case that the GOP is getting over its Tea Party hangover. I hope he is right. But, there is this one troubling sentence in his article that gives one pause. He writes: "A plurality of Republicans in primaries still identify with the tea party movement." Speaker Boehner may be able to take on the tea party caucus in the House.


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