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Laudato Si' - Magistra No


There is something a little endearing about watching some conservative Catholics wrestle with the fact that they are dissenting from papal teaching. They are a bit clumsy at it. Perhaps, here at NCR, we could offer a symposium or something. What has become abundantly clear in the last twenty-four hours is that these conservatives are dissenting, and not just from one item in a long papal document, but from the very foundations of Catholic Social Teaching.

Solidarity & Accountability


Solidarity is a tired word. We almost immediately associate it with the brave Polish workers who formed an independent union, a key step in the dismantling of the Soviet empire. In some circles, as Pope Francis has said, solidarity is almost a bad word, but he went on to affirm “it is our word,” a word without which Catholics can scarcely explain themselves or the Church’s social teachings.

The Encyclical Cometh


In case you haven’t heard, Pope Francis is releasing his encyclical on the environment this week. I suspect you have heard. Never has a text that no one has yet seen generated so much attention! I have not seen it either but prognostication is part of an analyst’s brief, so at the risk of proving myself a fool, here are my predictions about “Laudato Si.”


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