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+Cupich: "A Consistent Ethic of Solidarity"


Archbishop Blase Cupich delivered a very important talk yesterday, speaking to the members of the Chicago Federation of Labor. His talk comes after Pope Francis’ many talks that focus on the importance of dignity of work and, as well, Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s address to a conference at the AFL-CIO headquarters in June, a conference that +Cupich attended and which was co-sponsored by Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research.

The Reagan Library Debate: Who Won and Who Lost


The first 20 minutes of the Republican debate at the Reagan Library last night were among the strangest television I have ever witnessed. The stage, with its impressive backdrop of the old Air Force One, was turned into a sandbox with the candidates hurling insults, not ideas. At first I thought moderator Jake Tapper has lost control of the debate, but then I realized that this kind of foolishness has been what the GOP contest has been like so far. Finally, Ohio Governor John Kasich stepped in and asked Tapper to tell the rest of the participants that recess was over. It was bizarre.

Links for 09/16/15


I am a word guy not a video guy, but let's break the mold today. Here are two videos for the readership. The first consists of interviews among participants at a conference on polarization in the Catholic Church that was held at the University of Notre Dame last April and which I was happy to attend. Many of those interviewed are also members of the Catholic Conversation Project which I wrote about in the current print issue of NCR. The second is a C-Span video of the panel on Pope Francis and Economics held yesterday at the Cato Institute.

Tonight's GOP Debate at the Reagan Library


Tonight, the GOP road show, actually the Trump road show that happens to be occurring in the middle of a GOP presidential nominating process, comes to the Reagan Library in California for a debate sponsored by CNN. A team of horses couldn’t pull me away from the television: what could be better than first class entertainment combined with third rate politics?

Links for 09/15/15


At Yahoo News, where they are doing some great long-form journalism, Amy Sullivan has an article on the roots of the stunning interview Stephen Colbert had with Vice President Joe Biden last week. Make sure you click on the links. It was great to see Colbert talk to a young rocker on Catholic trivia, and also to see him, incredulous, as Garry Wills exposed the silliness which has sadly come to characterize his late years.


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