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How to Avoid Another Argentina Foreign Debt Crisis


Our friends at Jubilee USA have been working with a group of banks and investors to devise proposed reforms that would prevent a repeat of the Argentine foreign debt showdown with the vulture funds that epitomize everything that is evil in current capitalist practice. The other day, I mentioned that some of our friends on the right try and draw too stark of a contrast between moral principles and prudential judgment.

Mercy, Part II


Yesterday, I began a discussion of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s book Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life. Today, I continue the discussion beginning with Kasper’s treatment of mercy in the New Testament. My reason for undertaking this assignment is simple: Many have voiced their disquiet, or worse, at Kasper’s talk to the cardinals at the consistory in February, in which he addressed the family, and this prior book of his seems to me essential reading for anyone who tries to wrestle with that talk.

Clouthier: How Much Is Enough (Income)?


If you wonder why I enjoy spending time with the young theologians at the Catholic Conversation Project so much, check out this essay at by Professor David Clouthier of Mt. St. Mary's and one of the leading lights of the CCP. Smart, obviously relevant, and really - apart from those steeped in Catholic thought - who even asks such basic questions anymore? 

Mercy, Part I


Next week, I will run a series of curtain raisers for the Synod on the Family, to be held in Rome this autumn. The center of discussion in advance of the Synod has so far been dominated by Cardinal Walter Kasper’s talk to the cardinals at the February consistory.


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