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Off to San Juan


Last autumn, I had hoped to attend the festivities marking the 500th arrival of the first bishop of the Catholic Church in the Western Hemisphere, +Alonso Manso, the first bishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico. But, Ambrose, the St. Bernard, got sick and I had to cancel. This morning, having secured the services of the best dog sitter on the planet, I am heading to San Juan for a different, and more personal, celebration: Thursday, October 3, will mark the 25th anniversary of the episcopal ordination of +Roberto Gonzalez, who is now the archbishop of San Juan. Ergo, no post this morning.

Pope Francis' latest bombshell interview


Pope Francis delivered another bombshell interview, this time with Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica. It is, in its way, even more stunning than the longer interview with the Jesuit journals in part because the pope is here speaking with a man who does not share the faith of the Church yet that fact does not once produce a breakdown in communication and Francis displays in his dialogue exactly what he means by a culture of encounter.

Scalfari writes:

The "Danger of Good Popes"?


Me? I don't perceive much of a danger in the Church having good popes. But, Brantley Millegan, writing at First Things, only six months into the pontificate of Pope Francis, thinks it is time to trot out a series of arguments once reserved for Gallicans and the goofy left about the limits of the papacy. I am sure there is no coincidence between this oh, so thoughtful reflection on the history of the papacy and the advent of a pope who is upsetting the apple carts of the American right.

The "Spoils Society"


Robert Samuelson has a great op-ed in this morning's Wasington Post about the divergence between those who create wealth and those who engage in predatory behavior, redistributing upward the wealth created by others. This addresses what I have called the "financialization" of the economy. It is the most sever cancer eating at the heart of the market economy and one that our pro-market ideologues tend to ignore. 


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