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The Domestication of Indifference



The Holy Father has spoken frequently about what he terms the “globalization of indifference,” the way all of us can too easily resign ourselves to the current state of affairs, unsure how to even proceed in meeting the injustices of our day and, so, preferring to ignore them. It is a powerful, and a specifically spiritual, indictment. Alas, here in the U.S., this indifference is not only global in its reach, it is becoming thoroughly domesticated in our politics.


The "War on Christmas"



If Christmas is around the corner, that means Fox News is busy ranting about the “war on Christmas.” This year, Sarah Palin has a book out on the topic and it is found on the New York Times best-seller list. The whole business about a war on Christmas illustrates some of the most acute pathologies of American religiosity.



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