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Ruth Marcus Nails Snowden


"Insufferable," is Ruth Marcus's verdict on Edward Snowden. Indeed. And a few other nasty adjectives. One of the worst memes of the year was that this man was some kind of hero. He was not. If he was so concerned about the Constitution, he would not be releasing classified information about activities that are perfectly constitutional, such as spying on foreigners. Snowden wants attention, not constitutional clarification.

Politics in 2014



Predictions in politics are risky things. Who would have predicted one year ago that Obama would have had such a bad year? Or that Sen. Ted Cruz would displace Sen. Marco Rubio as the Tea Party darling? Or that Bill de Blasio would be elected mayor of New York? Two predictions, however, seem unavoidable because they represent deep currents in our political and cultural life. In 2014, politics will continue to be highly personalized and the nation’s political divides will become even wider.



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