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Barton for Senate?


Mark Silk at RNS reports on an effort to draft David Barton to challenge incumbent GOP Senator John Cornyn in Texas. As always, Silk's grasp of the way political and religious themes intertwine these days is spot-on. Really, though, is it possible that an author whose book, The Jefferson Lies, had to be withdrawn because of its own lies, could win a primary? For dog-catcher? For Senate? When you think about the Lone Star State's junior senator, perhaps it is possible.

Election Day



It’s Election Day, at least in some parts of the country. Even though today is not a national election, with the kinds of results that set the terms of governance for the next two or four years, the results will be examined for lessons for next year’s mid-term elections. And those lessons are already apparent, at least for Republicans.


Britten's War Requiem


This article in Sunday's Washington Post looked at the enduring impact of Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem," which was commissioned for the dedication of the new Coventry Cathedral. I found it interesting that the NYTimes reviewer of the work's U.S. premiere predicted it would not have staying power because of  "a certain obviousness." That is just the kind of observation that gives elites a bad name.

Happy Anniversary Bl. John XXIII


Today, the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo, is the anniversary of the coronation of Pope John XXIII. Pope John chose to be crowned pope on this feast, even though it was not, as usual, on a Sunday, because of his great devotion to the saint. As a church historian, he had studied the Acta from Borromeo's pastoral visits and, when Roncalli was consecrated a bishop, the ceremony took place in the Church of San Carlo in Rome. Here are two videos of the coronation.

Rand Paul Plagiarizing


The New York Times reports that Sen. Rand Paul, Tea Party and Libertarian darling, apparently committed plagiarism in some recent speeches. Other politicians have committed similar sins. Then-Sen. Joe Biden got caught lifting passages during his failed presidential bid in 1988. But, the really strange, and almost unforgivable thing about Paul's plagiarism is the source: Wikipedia.  Which is worse.

Consulting the Laity for the Synod



The news that the Holy See has asked for broad consultation in advance of the Synod on the Family next year is a very big deal. A colleague reminds me that the USCCB actually engaged in an extensive consultation in advance of the Synod on the Laity in 1987, but no one I know can recall the Holy See asking for this kind of consultation in advance of a Synod, nor does this request bear much resemblance to the requests for information that precede ad limina visits.



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