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Deneen Stirs Up More Trouble


Patrick Deneen likes to stir up trouble. In a new article at The American Conservative, he writes about the divisions within the Catholic Right between the Neuhaus, Weigel, Novak crowd and the Communio Brigade led by David Schindler. Of course, Deneen is a little late to the game here. I wrote about this divide fifteen years ago in the pages of the New Republic. Still, better late than never. 

Judgment or Mercy in Montana


Cotton Mather is alive and well and, apparently, serving as the Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Helena, Montana. Patrick Haggarty is the name of the superintendent and he made and defended the decision to fire a Catholic school teacher who got pregnant out of wedlock. You expected the article to end with Haggarty announcing the woman would, henceforth, be made to wear a scarlet “A” upon her outer garments.

Ethics & Criminal Law


If you are as tired as I am of seeing lawyers argue on CNN, even though you know the issues being discussed are important, an upcoming lecture promises more than cable news soundbites. Professor Samuel Levine, who directs the Jewish Law Institute at Touro Law Center on Long Island, will be delivering a lecture entitled, "An Introduction to the Ethics of Criminal Law: Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys" at Loyola University Maryland, Knott Hall B01, in Baltimore, Maryland, February 17 at 5 p.m.

Prioritizing the Poor in Global Health


Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has a great post up this week at their Common Good Forum on the need to prioritize the poor in public health issues, specifically focusing on the eradication of seven neglected tropical diseases. The article is Emily Conron's debut at CACG but her ability to bring together the moral vision of the Church articulated by Pope Francis with the practical means of ending the exclusion of millions of people who suffer from the diseases identifies Conron as a voice to keep an eye on.

To Hell With the UN


From the organization that brought you the “Zionism is racism” resolution, now we have been told that the Catholic Church is in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. From the organization that, quite recently, enlisted the Qaddafi regime to lead the UN Committee on Human Rights, we are told that the Catholic Church is unduly concerned about human rights because it teaches that unborn children should not be killed and that traditional marriage is a thing worth championing. Whose culture war is it now?


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