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"The Church of Christ in Every Age"


In my post this morning, I referred to the hymn "The Church of Christ in Every Age" which has been much in my heart since we sang it at the 10 a.m. Mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral last week. I searched Youtube for a video of a choir singing it, but, apparently our Protestant brethren sing the hymn to a different tune. It is a pretty tune, but I prefer the tune "Dunedin" which accompanies the hymn text in the new Worship hymnal that we use at St. Matthew's. Either way, it is a beautiful hymn. Here it is being sung at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Me? A Dissident?


GloriaTV ran a segment yesterday in which it labeled me a "dissenting Catholic journalist." You can see the segment here. Of course, in the next segment, the shows host refers to "German abortion bishops" and "notorious German bishops" so I am in good company. I was not previously familiar with GloriaTV but the low-end production values are obviously matched by their low-end theological sophistication.

Thoughts on Cardinal Oscar's Talk



The other day I provided a link to the remarkable speech by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Madariaga at the University of Dallas. These have been busy days – and late nights watching the Sox! – but I have no re-read the text a couple of times and wish to highlight some key passages.


Of course, I was thrilled by the cardinal’s denunciation of clericalism. And this passage caught my eye:

"Appearances of the Sensible World"


Theological College in Washington, D.C. will be unveiling four paintings by renowned artist Fr. Peter Wm Gray, S.S., this coming Sunday, November 3. In addition to the unveiling, Fr. David D. Thayer will be delivering a lecture and there will be a wine reception. All are welcome. The event will be held at the seminary from 2-5 p.m. Theological College is located at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and 4th Street, NE, right across from the National Shrine and CUA campus. RSVP to Izabella Downs at 202.756.4905 or by email at See you there!

2013 American Values Survey: Libertarians



Yesterday, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released its 2013 American Values Survey report “In Search of Libertarians in America,” based on polling that aimed to situate libertarians within the broader political, social and, most importantly for this blog, religious landscape of American life. The report was released at an event at the Brookings Institution.



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