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How the Morally Pristine Can Cripple the Church


The Catholic commentariat is rightly focused on the “Francis Effect,” the degree to which the enthusiasm for the new pope’s words and gestures translates into a revivified eccesial reality. If the Francis Effect is to be truly felt, this is the kind of thing that must change.

Here is the text of a letter that was sent out to parishes, priests and chancery officials by the Vicar General of the Diocese of Phoenix, Rev. Fred Adamson:


MSW Praises +Chaput: Hell to Freeze Over Soon!



Thanks to Rocco for posting the text of Archbishop Charles Chaput’s talk in Mexico City this weekend. I have not been shy in my criticisms of Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. So, I take a special delight, and have a special responsibility, to applaud him when I think he hits a home run and, in his speech at the Conference on Ecclesia in America in Mexico City, +Chaput hit a home run.


WA State Bishops on Coal


The Washington State Catholic Conference recently issued a statement that, to my mind at least, exemplifies the appropriate stance of the Church in the public square. They acknowledge that there are a variety of perspectives involved in assessing a proposed coal terminal in their state. Then, they state clearly the moral vision of the Church, which includes care for creation. There is no chest-thumping in their analysis and they conclude with an offer to work with all parties to reach a settlement.

Obama's Mea Culpa



The President did his best mea culpa yesterday. Of course, it should have been a mea maxima culpa, but politicians have enough trouble admitting a mistake, so we should not expect too much from them by way of contrition. Still, when the thing you are apologizing for is the mishandling of your most precious political achievement, I would not have minded hearing President Obama say something like, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.”


Helping a Young Man in Need


As many of you know, Thomas Peters, who wrote the blog "American Papist," was gravely injured in an accident earlier this year. Today, friends of his have launched an all day appeal for funds to help him recover. As many of you can guess, Mr. Peters and I do not agree about much. Sadly, our personal relations have also been unpleasant. But, he is a young man in a frightful situation, and if you can spare a prayer or a contribution, I am sure he and his family would greatly appreciate it.


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