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Francis Canonizes St. Junipero Serra


The Holy Father’s homily at the Mass canonizing Fr. Junipero Serra was, like all this pope’s homilies, a meditation on the Word of God the assembly had just heard together in the context of our daily lives. I have said before that I sometimes miss the density of a Pope Benedict sermon but, especially at Masses for the masses like today’s, there is much to be said for accessibility.

And, Pope Francis again returned to a theme he struck this morning at the White House: inclusion. He said:

Pope to US Bishops: Be Pastors, Not Culture Warriors


I have said all along that, for me, the most important speech the Holy Father will give is the one at St. Matthew’s Cathedral when he speaks to the U.S. bishops. The speech did not disappoint. Indeed, it is a masterpiece, not only touching on the themes of his pontificate but doing so in a way that his words evidence what he is talking about.

Pope Francis at the White House


The theme of the Holy Father’s talk at the White House was encounter and dialogue, just as it was in Cuba, a comparison that alone will make some of our conservative friends a bit hysterical. He mentioned that he is the son of an immigrant family in the second sentence of his remarks, and notes that America was built by immigrant families, surely another major theme of this trip. His English is difficult to understand, which means that everyone will really, really be listening to every word he has to say. (N.B.

Pope Francis ' Arrival Ceremony


Throughout the visit, I will be posting as quickly as possible with quick analysis about the papal visit. There were no speeches at the arrival ceremony at Joint Base Andrews a moment ago. Two items stood out. The President and Vice President brought their families. Sometimes, it is easy to forget what beautiful families both men have. I especially thought it was poignant that Mr. Obama brought his mother-in-law, seeing as the pope often speaks about the importance of grandparents. The other item came during the receiving line. The pope moved down the line, with the president at his side.

Links for 09/22/15


Cardinal Timothy Dolan throws his support behind efforts to link the 20-week abortion ban and paid family leave. Here is a classic case of the extremes controlling the debate and frustrating the kind of linkage that the cardinal rightly calls for. The GOP does not want to allow an amendment linking the two because they oppose paid family leave. The Dems do not want to make the 20-week abortion ban more likely to pass, so they oppose the linkage.


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