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The Midterm Tsunami


Wow. When Democrats lose almost every toss-up race in the Senate, ten or more seats in the House, and the governorships in true blue states like Massachusetts and Maryland, you know you have just witnessed not a wave but a tsunami. The election results yesterday were a thorough repudiation of the state of the country, and especially of President Obama’s leadership or lack thereof. The voters spoke and they are very, very upset.

Next Week's USCCB Mtg, Part II


Yesterday, I looked at the internal, managerial, staff-related issues that face the USCCB in advance of their plenary next week. Today, I would like to look at the attitudinal, dare one say ideological, challenges facing the conference. And, to be clear, while I think the bishops must take the lead in resolving the managerial issues, the bishops need to take some long looks in the mirror if they wish to address the attitudinal issues I will discuss today.

Next Week's USCCB Meeting, Part I


Next week, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will gather for their annual fall plenary in Baltimore. This will be their second full meeting since the election of Pope Francis and their first full meeting since the Holy Father gave us a particular glimpse of his vision for the Church in Evangelii Gaudium, as well as the first meeting since the recently concluded Synod on the Family.

Guttierez to Get Honorary Degree


File this one under "the times they are a changing." Gustavo Guttierez will receive an honorary degree next week from St. Paul's University in Ottawa, a pontifical university. Archbishop Prendergast will be present as chancellor and smart money guesses he checked with the authorities in Rome before deciding to award this degree. Expect conservative meltdowns to be forthcoming. 


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