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Are Bishops Committing Murder?


At RealClearReligion, my old pal Fr. Robert Sirico is upset about many things, but he thinks there is biblical justification for the idea that corporations are people too, noting that both Adam and Jesus evidence a corporate personality insofar as they stand for all humankind. Setting aside the vulgarity of the comparison, I would ask Fr. Sirico a question: Are those bishops who have declared bankruptcy guilty of murder? 

Damien Thompson Hits His Thumb


Damien Thompson has an essay at the Spectator, where he is an associate editor, about Pope Francis, why he was elected and what the principal goal of his pontificate is. Thompson, who is a gifted writer, is a less gifted analyst. He correctly spies an often over-looked hermeneutical key to understanding Pope Francis – he is a Jesuit – but instead of hitting the nail on the head, Thompson hits his thumb.

Obama's Vacation: Not a Problem


The right-wing media has its undergarments all knotted up because President Obama had the nerve to take a vacation. How dare he go to Martha’s Vineyard when there are troubles at home, such as in Ferguson, Missouri, and abroad, in Iraq and Gaza and Eastern Ukraine! And, if it was not bad enough to be away from the White House, he is vacationing, as he has done the last several years, at Martha’s Vineyard, summertime haunt of Harvard professors and East Coast media types. And, still worse, he golfs.


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