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A Time to Laugh

"Whom the gods would make bigots, they first deprive of humor." - Fr. Gillis.

We so often deal with heavy and heady topics here, let's take a moment to laugh. I have two items.

Yesterday, at St, Matthew's Cathedral, we had a special Mass of Thanksgiving for the religious women and men who were celebrating jubilees. 500 years of service among the 12 jubilarians! The principal celebrant of the Mass was Washington auxiliary bishop Francisco Gonzalez, S.F. who is himself a religious. In his homily, Bishop Gonzalez told about his family. "There were five of us, but the first two died as children," he told the congregation. "Of the three who remained, my sister was the holy one, and so she became a religious sister. My brother was the smart one, and so he became a Jesuit. I was neither holy nor they made me a bishop."

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Then, a friend sent along this video of two news anchors who lose it on air after interviewing swimmer Ryan Lochte who is, shall we say, a great and gifted swimmer but not the brightest bulb on the planet.  I normally do not like these videos that go viral, but I love it when television personalities lose it on air.

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