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I apologize for no postings yesterday. My border collie, Clementine, was having trouble standing up yesterday and had to go to the animal hospital. When I spoke to the doctor late yesterday afternoon, they were waiting for the surgeon to have a look as they try to determine whether the problem is muscular-skeletal or neurologic. As my friends can attest, I am ridiculously devoted to my dogs and, perhaps especially to Clementine. She came from a rescue in Tennessee and they did not want me to have her at first because I lived so far away and if it did not work out, they would not be able to retrieve her. Earlier that year, a dog they had given to a family in Pennsylvania had not been trained, had bit a neighbor and been put down, and they understandably did not want another situation like that. But, a friend who worked with the local DC rescue called them and explained, and I quote, "Michael treats his dogs better than most people treat their children." Provided they do not need to do surgery, which would warrant a second collection, she should be coming home later this morning.

In addition, I was/am fighting the flu, although a fourteen hour sleep last night seems to have helped.


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