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Lie of the Year Award

Lord knows, there were more than the usual number of contestants for Politifact's "Lie of the Year" award. The winner goes to Mitt Romney's ad in the final weeks of the campaign about Jeep outsourcing jobs to China. Congratulations Mr. Romney. You won something after all.

Yesterday, I called attention to Eric Metaxas' comments about what he considered President Obama's dishonest campaign, in which Mr. Metaxas neglected to mention that there might have been any deceit on the GOP side. A few weeks ago, I called attention to Archbishop Charles Chaput's comment that:

I’ve been thinking for the past week about the simplicity, dignity and good will of Governor Romney’s Election Night concession speech.  And I’ve compared those qualities with the vulgarity, vindictiveness and deceit of the campaign that defeated him.  Somewhere between the President’s calls for civility in public life last year and the actions of his supporters in re-electing him, we crossed over into a different and lower kind of America.

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I am wondering, in light of Politifact's award, if Metaxas or Chaput wish to revise their remarks?

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