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A birthday reflection


I look back upon the past year, through the many ups and downs, and I gather my significant memories – people, events, inner stirrings, dreams, jolts, joys, heartaches, etc. – all that touched my life in any sort of special way.

As I look over my year:

I am especially grateful for ...
I am amazed at ...
I am puzzled by ...
I wish that ...

As I look toward the coming year:

I long for ...
I hope that ...
I trust ...
I promise ...
I ask ...

Now pause and visualize a messenger of God drawing near to you. This messenger bears a blessing of God for your coming year. Receive the blessing from the messenger. Spend some time in quiet, allowing the blessing to permeate your entire being.

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To conclude this reflection, write a short prayer in your journal or on a paper that you will keep and refer to each month on the date of your birthday (e.g., if your birthday is the tenth of May, on the tenth of each month you would read your birthday prayer and remember the blessing that was given to you). Now go and celebrate!

"A Birthday Reflection" taken from Out of the Ordinary: Prayers, Poems and Reflections for Every Season, by Joyce Rupp Copyright 2000. Used by permission of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.


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