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Adopt a Guide

Bookstores are adoption agencies, bringing together not parents and children, but rather readers and authors. Good booksellers can tell simply by the glint in a reader’s eyes if that person is hungry for spiritual wisdom and will take good care of the author they adopt. Bookstore adoption counselors over the years have learned how to recognize those best suited for this or that author adoptee.

A good bookstore is a virtual nursery of spiritual directors and inspirational guides of all religions for those seeking the holy in their daily lives. No need to go to India or some monastery; in a bookstore, prayer guides and wise gurus will come to you, instead of you having to go to them. While one would expect to find spiritual guidance in prayer, meditation, and holiness at your local church, this product is not typically offered. So, if you have an anemic spiritual life, a lackluster prayer life, or a bland love of God, seriously consider visiting a local adoption agency—your bookstore.

Thank you for the gift of book guides,
some a thousand years old, some new.
They are my compass companions today
as I zigzag along the Way to you.

From A Book of Wonders by Ed Hays


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