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Legionaries of Christ apologize for Maciel-Magdalene parallel

Fr. Juan Solana said he realizes "now that my words were awkward and suggest a reverence for our founder that we clearly reject."


Political models for the papacy

Faith and Justice: Defenders of church governance say the church can learn nothing from civil governments. However, the church has borrowed civil government structures since the beginning...



God's word is never easy

To understand why Jeremiah is so despondent in today's first reading, it's essential to appreciate the role of biblical prophets in the history of salvation.

Contrary to popular opinion, they...

Art & Media

Korean art pierces souls of traumatized nation

A rally in downtown Seoul drew tens of thousands Friday. On the edge of the plaza, a makeshift art exhibit, featuring paintings and photographs, was wet up to commemorate those who died in the April 16 Sewol...

Chaplain brings spiritual care to FBI agents during and after crisis situations

Ministry & Mission: Fr. Joseph McCaffrey has top-secret clearance and access to sensitive information to help him understand what may be troubling agents.


A church that embraces the cross must embrace politics

NCR Today: These days, we skim through the news so we do not have to internalize others' suffering. As Pope Francis says, we have forgotten how to weep.


Comments closed on for Labor Day weekend

NCR headquarters is closed for Labor Day. To make the return next week easier on our staff, we have decided to turn off the comments system for the weekend.


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