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Milwaukee archdiocese filing includes more abuse victims in compensation plan

Compared to preliminary reports, more sexual abuse victims will be compensated under the formal reorganization plan filed in bankruptcy court late Monday night by the Milwaukee archdiocese.


Welcome to parenthood. Try to not screw it up too badly.

Young Voices: This is the rhythm of our first weeks of parenthood: the transcendent, the mundane, and the gross come and go, and intermingle without a predictable pattern.


Opening Gospel at Synod: Jesus' prohibition of divorce

NCR Today: Pope Francis is expected to open the second global meeting on family life by celebrating Mass. The day's Gospel reading? Jesus' seemingly clear denunciation of divorce.


Francis needs to go beyond his play-it-safe verbiage

Opinion: Pope Francis, in his speeches and visitations, won't have gone much beyond incensed pieties and play-it-safe verbiage. Unless ...


A case study review of LCWR-CDF encounter could benefit whole church

Preview: The Catholic church has much to learn from the recent encounter between LCWR and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. A case study approach could be helpful....


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