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San Francisco priest bars altar girls, sparks another controversy

"If the Catholic Church ordained women, altar girls would make sense, but the Catholic priesthood is a male charism."


Divorced Catholics and The New York Times

Just Catholic: The New York Times paints a cold, hard picture of the church. But the church can fairly easily end a marriage for substantial or administrative reasons. 



Joseph Grilliot, generous, loving father, enters eternal life

I am mourning the loss and celebrating the new life of a great friend, Joseph Grilliot, who passed into eternal life Jan. 27th at his home in Roeland Park, KS with his son, Marvin, his wife, Rachel, and a loving...


It ain't your baby

Soul Seeing: I was standing in a shabby, windowless office, trying to convince Lucia to give up her baby. What right did I have to do this? What was I doing here?

Women Religious

Waking up the world as young women religious

Global Sisters Report: As 21 sisters under the age of 40 gathered for the annual Giving Voice 20s/30s retreat, I wished I could bottle up the moment.

Francis changes pallium ceremony in nod to decentralization

New archbishops will be formally invested with their palliums in their archdiocese instead of at the Vatican.


Morning Briefing

NCR Today: 'Thorn Birds' author dies; sex abuse scandal in Spain widens; South Africa's first saint; breast-feeding in church.


Pope to dads: Play with your kids, be strong, loving, moral role models

The Francis Chronicles: When their lives are all work and no play, men turn their children into "orphans" who lack a father to guide them, Pope Francis said.


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