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Hours at Catholic Worker teach Knight of Columbus enthusiasm, compassion

Conversations with Sr. Camille: "The phrase 'There but for the grace of God go I' is alive while we serve these poor unfortunates," says Jack Davis, 76.


Pope blesses international, interfaith soccer match for peace

"The match is an occasion for raising funds for solidarity projects, but above all [for promoting] values that draw people together, no matter what their culture or religious creed."



God's word is never easy

To understand why Jeremiah is so despondent in today's first reading, it's essential to appreciate the role of biblical prophets in the history of salvation.

Contrary to popular opinion, they...

Art & Media

Korean art pierces souls of traumatized nation

A rally in downtown Seoul drew tens of thousands Friday. On the edge of the plaza, a makeshift art exhibit, featuring paintings and photographs, was wet up to commemorate those who died in the April 16 Sewol...

Vatican's doctrinal chief renews criticism of US nuns, says he's no misogynist

"Above all we have to clarify that we are not misogynists, we don't want to gobble up a woman a day!" Cardinal Gerhard Müller told L'Osservatore Romano.


UN commission, created to address violations in Israel-Hamas conflict, is imperfect but necessary

NCR Today: A straightforward, undisputed analysis of offenses in the conflict, whether by Hamas or Israel, will probably be hard to come by. But the U.N. is going to try.


Apostleship of the Sea offers resources, advocacy for those on the world's waterways

Ministry & Mission: After the Costa Concordia tragedy, members of the Apostleship of the Sea met with passengers and crew members to offer spiritual and psychological support...


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